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Baking Soda Free - Under Armer Deodorant - Tea Tree Lavender

Baking Soda Free - Under Armer Deodorant - Tea Tree Lavender


Avoid exposing your skin and respiratory system to harsh, toxic chemicals that could harm your body. This 100% natural deodorant that made with cocoa butter, coconut oil, beeswax, arrowroot powder, with tea tree and lavender essential oils.

This is aluminum free and baking soda free for sensitive skin! No Metals,No Sulfates, No Artificial Colors or Fragrance, No Parabens, Never Tested on Animals only Friends & Family.

Because it doesn't have aluminum, it allows you to sweat like you are supposed to. If you are new to natural deodorant you might go through a detox period where you might notice more odor or wetness. This is totally normal as your body to trying to expel the artificial ingredients from your previous deodorant. Give yourself at least two weeks to complete the detox period. Once your body has regulated itself you will notice yourself sweating less.

The results have been different for all of our testers - for some it lasts all day, others need a refresher towards the end of the day.

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