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Why Green Tea?

Why green tea month?

Green tea is a total wonder - drinking it can help with

  • depression

  • cut down cancer risks

  • improved heart health

  • regulates blood pressure

  • arthritis pain

  • lowers possibility of type 2 diabetes

  • promotes weight loss

  • prevents tooth decay

  • And it even helps with the occasional hangover.

The skin, though, what happens to your skin?

Under-eye: The antioxidants in green tea play a big role in enhancing skin health. The tea helps eliminate dark circles and treats puffy eyes – The tea helps eliminate dark circles and treats puffy eyes – and also exhibits anti-aging effects - which is why we infused oil with coffee and green tea in our Baggage Check Under Eye Potion.

Sunburn: Green tea acts as a natural sunscreen. It helps in preventing the free radicals from settling between the skin cells, which otherwise cause skin issues like sunburn and rashes, which is why oil infused with green tea will be in the sunscreen we are launching this summer.

Aging: The anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidants in green tea can delay skin aging or its signs like expression lines and wrinkles. When used as a facial moisturizer, our Limited Edition Green Tea Body Butter will give you a bit of protection when you are out and about.

Soak it in: Since the skin is the largest organ in the body, a “tea bath” allows the body to absorb the tea and its beneficial nutrients much quicker than you could obtain by drinking tea.

Other benefits:

  • Detoxifies skin

  • May delay skin cell aging

  • Promotes healing of sores and wounds

  • Soothes Stressed Skin

  • Help to balance skin tone

  • Aid in the repair of sun damage

  • Promotes rejuvenation of skin cells

  • Fights free radicals

  • Reduces inflammation

  • Improves psoriasis

  • Reduces dandruff

  • Helps treat and prevent Acne and aids in the healing of other skin conditions

Our Matcha Made in Heaven Bath Shotz - has green tea matcha powder, black Hawaiian sea salt, baking soda, elemi, clary sage, lemon and neroli.

We are going to keep digging for the benefits of green tea and our bodies - from the outside in.

Two Moms Making it Real,

Meredith & Yolanda