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Limited Edition - Who wants in! (and other OMB News)

Holy smokes, the mixers are running here. It seems like the holidays and special occasions just sneak up on us, but we do have some fun things coming up for Valentine’s Day. Yolanda just finished her tests on our VERY FIRST Limited Edition Body Wildly Whipped Body Butter, and wowzer, takes you to European fields of lavender with a perfect trio of our standard lavender mixed with lavenders from Bulgaria and France. Vanilla provides a sweet base note, while bergamot and lemon top off "Lavender Delight" with fresh citrus. Here is what Limited Edition means to Oh My Balm - we are small batch anyway, but our new limited editions will be available for a limited time in a limited number.

Meredith is stirring up the bath salts and we will be launching "Bath Shotz" soon - Super Lavender Milk Bath is headed your way chock-full of Oh My Balm goodness - coconut milk powder, buttermilk powder, dead sea salt turn your bath into a spa. Most likely on the list is Gingergrass, but sometimes when we get in the kitchen - we never know what will come out!

Stay tuned to see what these Mamas cook up next!

P.S. Oh My Balm is totally stoked to have our product in Colour & Whim in Glen Rock! Thank you for making us feel so welcome. They have great classes here like “After School Art” that features artists like Jackson Pollock, Pablo Picasso and Claude Monet for the kiddos and for adults courses like Pet Photography, Astrology and Art and Glass Painting.

We love their mission: “It is Colour & Whim's goal to shed light on the creative community in Northern New Jersey. To celebrate the talent that is hidden all around us, we want to give local artists a space to display and sell their artwork. We also want to encourage creativity to the people in the area by sharing our skills & talents through specialized studio classes - bringing technique, exploration and fun back to art!”