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Oh My Balm's Best Lavender Hacks

Lavender Hacks - Oh My Balm

Oh My Balm started with three body butters: Grapefruit Ginger, Lemony Lemongrass and Rosemary Wild Orange. When we first started selling at craft shows, we realized quickly that we needed to create a lavender scent, or two or three.  We weren’t really fans of lavender, but I can tell you that “lavender people,” love their lavender. Let’s just say we adapted - we are loaded with lavender product, but what are the benefits?

We all pretty much know that lavender is relaxing, but it is much more than that. This versatile essential oil can help with anything from burns to breakouts, and it is one of the few that can be put directly on skin

In the last couple of years, we have come to love our lavender too. Our new Limited Edition Lavender Delight is an artisan-blend of European Lavenders, with Yolanda being the artisan :) Studies have shown that this essential oil can help with stress, anxiety and depression, and difficulty sleeping.  When taken internally (tea or capsules), it has been used for centuries as a sleep aid, digestive aid and loss of appetite. This is a wonderful article by Dr. Axe that praises the benefits of lavender here.

Here are our top 10 ways to use lavender:

  1. Good for your Sole ~ Why rub lavender on your feet? The soles of our feet have much larger pores than the rest of your body, so the absorption is better, and the skin is less sensitive. Don’t forget about reflexology! The ancient practice of reflexology maintains that the feet are connected to the organs in your body, thus if you apply on the feet, you may see a more beneficial effect on the body. You can add a little frankincense with carrier oil and lavender or get our solution: Sweet Dreams Body Butter

  2. Boo-boo Booster ~ Add a drop of lavender to your normal healing cream to support healthy skin.

  3. Stink Buster, Vacuum-Style ~ Stale vacuum dust is the worst, especially when you have pets. Wash your vacuum filter with dish soap and let dry. Replace and add 2 drops of lemon and 2 drops of lavender, and this helps to keep it smelling fresh.

  4. Enlist your TP Roll ~ put 1 or 2 drops of lavender inside your toilet paper roll every time you replace. Each time someone takes it for a spin, there is a nice whiff of lavender. Get creative and blend scents inside the roll.

  5. Perfume Emergency ~ Dab a little behind the ears or neck for a fresh lavender smell. Want a nice blend of oils? Check out Oh My Scent: Redemption, Dusk, Sweet Hippie and Plaid.

  6. Kids are Making Me Crazy ~ Diffuse: 3 drops lavender, 3 drops bergamot and 3 drops peppermint. Don’t have a diffuser? Fill a small sauce pot halfway with water and use the recipe above. You just want the water to steam, not boil. Stand in kitchen, inhale and recite the mantra: “I will not let them make me a lunatic.” Repeat until blood pressure returns to normal.

  7. Kids are Making Me Crazy ~ This one takes a bit more planning. Get a wooden clothespin, glue a cotton ball to it (if you want to go colorful, use a pom-pom), add 1 drop each of lavender, bergamot and peppermint. Clip this puppy to your air vent and you have an automatic essential oil car diffuser. Inhale and focus while ignoring five Girl Scouts in the back seats.

  8. Diffusing Jewelry ~ Oooh, this is our favorite. I am on a flight to California and I loaded my necklace with lavender, tangerine and peppermint to create an aroma barrier around myself. I filled a tiny bottle to travel with replacement drops.

  9. Dryer Balls ~ We love to have our laundry smell fresh, but most dryer sheets on the market choke us out with fragrance and chemicals. Dryer balls can shorten your drying time by half, soften your clothes and help with static cling. Our kids’ hairdos look like Tesla’s Cat on a dry winter evening. I have been known to rub a dryer ball on my 7-year-old’s head. No joke. A couple of drops of lavender on one of the balls gives you a nice fresh scent. Bonus: Lavender is antibacterial.

  10. Use it in a Massage ~ or you can jump over and grab the OMB Massage Oil: Love Potion No. 1, which will launch by February 1. It is a sensual blend of sandalwood, jasmine and vanilla with a little kick of black pepper!

Bonus: Pillow Talk ~ One or two drops of lavender at night on the pillow will help you get a good night’s sleep. Even better? Try out our Sweet Dreams Pillow Spray!

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