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Laven' Your Body Softly this Valentine's Day

We hit the ground running this morning to make our plans about how Oh My Balm is going to love you this Valentine’s Day. This is so fun!

Today we created our first-ever scent for our Bath Shotz Line. “Laven’ You Softly,” filled the kitchen with lavender goodness! We mixed a European Sea Salt Blend and Pink Himalyan Salt with buttermilk powder, ground lavender buds, Bulgarian lavender, litsea cubeba (our new favorite) and grapefruit.

Get ready folks, we have some lovelies coming for you~

  • Limited Edition Lavender Delight Body Butter (French and Bulgarian lavenders are the stars here)

  • Oh My Scent: PLAIID ( spike lavender, litsea cubeba, clary sage, sweet orange, patchouli & a hint of Fennell)

  • Massage Oil: Love Potion #1 (you just have to be surprised here)

It was a fun naming day, we giggled quite a bit. We are glad to have a break from the schlepping heavy boxes and craft tents. Off to shop for containers, take more pictures and work on the hand sanitizer. It is adventure!

Two Moms Making it REAL!