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Seeing Valentine's Day Through a 7-Year-Old's Eyes

Valentine’s Day - watching this holiday through the eyes of the 7-year-old puts sort of a different spin on this holiday. She is making gifts, swearing she won’t ruin the surprise, then tells us 10 minutes later. To her, this “holiday” is about showing your love to its fullest extent and making things to prove her devotion in various art forms.

All of the OMB kiddos love to craft and create, so we have put together some fun crafts for you and your little guys and gals.



Rainbow Sprinkle Bath Bombs - These are fun heart-shaped bath bombs that make a rainbow in the bath. We love this recipe by bitngiggles because it is all-natural. We use essential oils, though, because we don’t do fragrance, even though the girls love scents like bubblegum. We really like 5 drops of vanilla and 5 drops of sweet orange. This heart-shaped mold does the trick beautifully.

heart crayons.jpg


Since candy is out in most schools these days, we found these to be a fun alternative. This mold will do almost a whole class and these are a great way to use up those broken crayons. You can package up a cute little bag or stick to an index card and write “i <heart> u.”

Gran sent her a Crayola Crayon Factory and she is making 14 hearts for the girls and 10 cars for the boys for her first-grade class. This has kept her busy 3 nights in a row and has won several awards like Parent’s Choice. Other than the breaking of crayons and the peeling of paper, (we vacuum right after), this is relatively mess-free. Totally fun way to recycle old crayons. You can buy it HERE. Crayola also has fun coloring pages and freebies.



Monster Box

What better way to collect your Valentines then stuff them in the mouth of a Monster! Mariah with Giggles Galore shows how to turn a tissue box into a terror in a few easy steps!



Heart Puppy

Who doesn’t love a cute puppy? Craft Mom, Michele with Crafty Morning, shows a way to make this heart-tugger completely out of hearts. All you need is construction paper, scissors, and glue. Follow Crafty Morning’s instructions.

Hand tree.jpg


Handfuls of Hearts Tree

Beautiful wispy love tree that is sure to warm the heart this chilly Valentine’s Day. Krokotak’s site also has a ton of educational crafts and free printables. Worth checking out.

heart wreath.jpg


Fabric Heart Wreath

The Idea Room has been around since 2009 and is a great resource for crafts and recipes. There is a video tutorial that tells you how to do it!



Monster Love

Yarn and pipe cleaners, some cute paper, googly eyes and you get these little cuties. Sisters, Jodie, Jamie, and Jen offer DIY and crafts plus useful information on things like “Top Ten Things to Bring to Disney in Your Backpack.” Their Pinterest page is worth the follow.



Washi Tape Suncatcher

Came home with washi tape for my planner and thought the 7-year-old was going to battle me for the rolls. We worked it out and made this adorable suncatcher for a Valentines Day gifts.

Hand heart Card.jpg


Hand to Heart Card
This one is fun and messy and we love that. Get out the paint, slap it on those tiny hands and start your assembly line - Voila! The cutest cards you have ever seen. Says of Valentine has a slew of heart-themed projects.



Heartshaped Bird Feeders

We made these last year because even the birds say, “BRRRR.”  We loved picking out strategic spots for our feeders so we could watch from the window. You can use the same heart molds as the bath bomb project. Green Kid Crafts also has fun stem-based subscription boxes.



     10. Melted Bead Free Form Suncatcher

Guess who got a Poop Emoji melted bead ornament at the holiday? Well, we saved the leftover beads and made a wonderful free-form heart. You can get “pony beads” from the Craft Outlet and they come in a million colors including some that are metallic. Be sure you pick the transparent ones for this craft though.

Love Potion No.1VD.jpeg

And then we used it…

as a prop! Do you need some advice about what to get your sweetie for Valentine’s Day?

We can help! Know what one of us gets for this special day? Her husband does the taxes. Useful, though not exactly romantic.

Our Gettin’ Frisky Valentines Combo makes a wonderful treat for your honey! Hurry, our Limited Edition Lavender Delight won’t last!


Happy Valentine’s Day from OMB to you and Yours!

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