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Whew - it was just 24 hours!

Night before last, the littlest OMBer woke in the middle of the night and said, “Mommy, I am going to throw up!” She is 7 and-a-half, and has thrown up exactly once before now. She was 20 months old, in her car seat in the backseat of an extenda-cab. I caught most of it in my hands, still had to give her my undershirt to replace the soiled Cookie Monster shirt she had on.

This time, she made it to the hall. We got her cleaned up and then it happened 4 more times during the night, poor baby. First thing in the morning, we made a salve for her belly with ginger, fennel, pettigrain, peppermint and chamomile. I rubbed it on her tummy and it calmed her belly spasms. We will test this some more and then open it up to you.

There is really nothing worse than having your little one, sick like that. It breaks my heart to think of parents dealing with their kids who have serious illness. I can’t even imagine.

We are snowed out of a fair today. We got 6 inches this morning and it is still coming.

How do you help your little ones feel better when they are sick?

It takes a village, right?

Have a good one,

Meredith (and Yolanda who is making body butter right now).

What is worse than a poor sick kiddo in the middle of the night? #nothing

What is worse than a poor sick kiddo in the middle of the night? #nothing